Grain is core to our business. We assemble in excess of >100k tonnes each year and are significant suppliers to the brewing, malting and distilling industries. Quality of grain and consistency of supply is what makes us different. We rely on our experienced technical team, but especially our growers to supply high quality grain which we assemble, dry and store.  Our Grain Pricing Structure is specifically set up to reward quality.

Due to ongoing investment into what see as a business with a positive future outlook, our overall storage capacity is 55,000 tonnes of grain. We are totally committed to the future of the grain growing in Ireland and will continue to work for our growers to find the best markets for your grain.

For your convenience we have a number of grain intake locations at harvest:

Location Contact Number
Dranagh, Caim, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. 053 9255389
Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. 053 9233240
Sinnottstown Lane, Wexford. 053 9122735
Bosheen, New Ross, Co. Wexford. 051 422100
Faree, Newbawn, Co Wexford. 087 755 6233
Raheenduff, Oulart, Gorey, Co Wexford. 053 9136107
Coolgreany, Co. Wexford. 0402 37103
Avoca, Co. Wicklow. 087 2988757
Carnew, Co. Wicklow. 053 9426345


If you are interested in bringing your grain to us at harvest time then please contact us on 053 9255389.

Other Information

Grain Quality Assurance

There continues to be an increasing emphasis on Quality Assurance and Traceability at all levels in the food chain over recent years. As suppliers of grain to the brewing, distilling and malting industries, we have put a very detailed Food Safety Management System in place. This is reviewed annually and is audited by an external auditor at least annually. We are also members of the Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS) and require all our grain suppliers to partake in this scheme. This is the Quality Assurance Scheme set up a few years ago for the entire Irish Grain and Feed industry.

Membership involves maintaining defined standards of grain growing, grain handling and grain storage. For our grain suppliers, membership involves adhering to these standards & keeping appropriate records of all inputs used, application timings and rates, transport & storage hygiene practices etc. An annual membership fee is payable to the administrators of the scheme.

From Harvest 2013 all hauliers used for the transport of food grade grain are required to be members of TASCC. This is a UK based accreditation scheme which ensures that hauliers maintain important traceability records e.g. 3 load history and also conform to required hygiene standards. It is in all our interests to ensure that the reputation of the grain industry remains at the high standard of quality and food safety that it does today.