Animal Feed

Dairy Rations

The Cooney Furlong Grain Company supply high performance dairy rations which have been formulated by leading farm nutritionists. All rations are balanced to enhance grass and other popular farm forages, delivering
improved animal health and animal performance. Our feeds optimise high energy density and achieve high dry matter intakes leading to exceptional daily performance, and higher milk yields in dairy cattle.

Coarse Blend Dairy Rations

Our coarse blend dairy feedstuffs have guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver excellent results. Only the highest quality protein and energy sources are used in the
formulation of our rations, to ensure optimum dairy animal performance. All Avoca Milling Dairy Rations include a top quality, hi-phos fertility mineral as standard. Rations can be specially formulated to meet your specific requirements. Calcined Magnesite is included at sufficient levels depending on season and Molasses levels are adjusted to storage methods.

Avoca Dairy 14%

Avoca Dairy 14% is available in two formats, our standard 14% munch and as Avoca Breeder Plus. Both of these rations are blended with top quality ingredients to improve and maintain the standard of your cows even at
lower protein levels. Breeder Plus comes with the inclusion of a high specification fertility booster as standard.

Avoca Dairy 16%

A ration formulated with good quality energy and fibre, especially suitable for cows on grazed grass. High energy ration ensures maximum fertility during the breeding season.

Avoca Hi-Energy 18%

A high quality ration, ideal for fresh calved cows to minimise negative energy balance after calving, and therefore improve fertility at breeding. Good quality energy sources such as maize and beet pulp promote high milk solid yields.

Avoca Maize/Beet Balancer

Formulated to 26% crude protein and with high levels of digestible fibre, this balancer is also suitable for feeding with maize or beet, at higher ratios.

Avoca Pro-Dairy 18%

Pro stands for performance in this top specification ration. Avoca Pro-Dairy 18% is well balanced for energy and protein. Ideal for feeding to high yielding cows, while also maintaining milk solids. Includes hi-pro soya bean, meal, maize and beet pulp. To maximise results this ration is essential.