Beef Rations

100% Natural Coarse Blends and NEW Cubed Animal Feed Nuts formulated by leading farm nutritionists to deliver outstanding livestock performance in Irish beef herds.

The Cooney Furlong Grain Company supply high performance beef rations which have been formulated by leading farm nutritionists. All rations are balanced to enhance grass and other popular farm forages, delivering improved animal health and animal performance.

Our feeds optimise high energy density and achieve high dry matter intakes leading to exceptional daily performance, high fat covers and exceptional carcass grades in beef cattle.

The requirements of each herd is different, due to differing production objectives, the genetic potential of the livestock and the quality and availability of other feeds on the farm. We therefore supply a wide variety of rations and excellent on-farm advice tailored to your particular farm requirements. Our Farm Representatives are now available to discuss your specific beef herd nutrition requirements.

Nugget Beef & Calf Cubed Nuts

With quality energy and protein formulations to the forefront, we are delighted to offer the Nugget cubed nuts range suited to enhance stock performance on Irish grass based forages.


Avoca Milling Coarse Blends

All Avoca coarse blend feedstuffs have guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver the very best liveweight gains and carcass grades in your beef herd.

Avoca Hi Grain No. 2 Blend

Formulated to 14% protein and with barley and beet pulp constituting and flake maize constituting the majority of its formulation, this high energy ration is one of our most popular feedstuffs.

Avoca Hi-Energy Bull

Our top of the range feedstuff designed for feeding at high levels to finishing cattle of all breeds, both bulls and heifers, and also cull cows. In terms of the formulation, nothing is spared in this feedstuff, with barley, beet, pulp and maize constituting an impressive portion of the ration.

Avoca SuperThrive

SuperThrive is a well balanced 16% ration best suited as a feed for weanlings over 6 months of age and growing store cattle on grass silage or grass.

Avoca Balancer 20%

Specially designed to complement farm stored cereals, this ration combined with rolled barley at 60:40 ratio makes up a premium quality 14% mix.

Avoca Maize/Beet Balancer

Although high in energy, maize and beet need to be balanced for protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre.

Avoca Calf Ration 20%

Extremely palatable coarse calf starter, to encourage maximum intake at a young age. Quality protein sources and highly digestable energy sources, along with fibre are offered in this ration to promote rumen development.