Horse Rations

Offering you a greater choice in specialist horse nutrition products. All Avoca feedstuffs have guaranteed high inclusions of locally grown cereals which are formulated and blended to deliver top growth and development performance which is vital in the first months of life. Only the very best quality protein and energy sources are used in the formulation of our rations, to ensure optimum animal performance.

Avoca Horse Ration 14%

The top seller in our equine range. This high energy 14% ration is ideal for horses in work or training. The high quality proteins included compliments muscle development while fiber from locally sourced cerials as well soya hulls optimumises digestion and proformance. Finally this premium feed is topped off with a comprehensive mineral package to keep your horse in peak condition.

Avoca Cool Blend 11%

This oat free cool blend is most suitable for horses in less intensive work as the lower protein and increased fibers keep your horse calm and easier to handle. This carefully crafted ration is improved with the inclusion of a baked apple flavouring making it extremely palatable and easy to digest. The same top line mineral package means your horse has a balanced and well rounded feed providing top quality nutrition and minerals.

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