Sheep Rations

We stock the Avoca range of products which are developed by top farm nutritionists to naturally deliver outstanding stock results.

Avoca Milking Ewe

Formulated to 18% crude protein, and with barley, beet pulp and maize constituting over 55% of the formulation, this is high energy feedstuff with good quality protein sources such as soya, canola rape and beans.

Avoca Lamb Creep

 This is an extremely palatable feed to promote intake in young lambs. It is an ideal ration for the support of early growth, with a crude protein level of 18%.

Avoca Hogget Finisher

This 14% crude protein, high energy feed is recommend for intensive finishing of older lambs and hoggets. It has a very high level of native cereals, balanced with digestible fibre sources to prevent acidosis when fed ad lib.

Avoca Hi-Grain No.2 Blend

Formulated to 14% protein and with barley and beet pulp constituting 60% of its formulation, this is a high energy feedstuff and has been our most popular ration over the years.


Sheep nutrition

Nutrition is paramount in the overall productivity, health and well-being of any sheep flock. Our focus is on top quality ingredients to compliment farm forages rather than act as a substitute. We take into account the huge variation in grass growth patterns and the Irish weather and then adopt the flexibility in our programs to help you to utilise and enhance their grass based systems. For further information on any of these Sheep Nuts and our specialist on-farm animal nutrition programmes, simply contact our offices and our representative will be on-hand to discuss your individual farm requirements.

A full range of Sheep minerals supplements are also available. We also offer an extensive range of animal health products, seed, fertiliser, agrichemicals and general farm supplies.