Dairy Cubes

Cubed Nut Dairy Rations

The importance of balance in dairy rations. The productivity of all livestock will be limited by the nutrient in their diet that is in shortest supply.

  • With cow health and milk quality to the forefront, we are delighted to offer a cubed feed range suited to enhance cow performance on Irish grass based forages. This range is developed by a team of nutritionists at J Grennan & Sons, who have been manufacturing animal feeds for the past 40 years. This new offering of high quality cubed rations is made possible by the opening of their state of the art cubing facility in July 2013.
  • The range has been designed to offer the flexibility to support the cow in producing quality milk to the limit of her genetic potential, accounting for farm variations in grass/fodder quality and quantity.
  • In order to ensure the ‘balance’ is correct there has been a special focus on additives such as live yeast and buffers and minerals to compliment both the quality ingredients in Nugget feed and on farm forage. This ensures that the herd’s mineral status does not limit their fertility and therefore their longevity in the herd.

Nugget Elite Dairy 14%

Formulated with a good balance between cereal energy such as ground maize and digestible fibre so that the cow can utilise and convert excess grass protein into microbial protein to sustain high yields while still caring for the cow’s energy and mineral status for the breeding season. Contains Fertility Boost and live yeast.

Nugget Hi Min Dairy 14%

Designed with a focus on digestible fibre to enhance uptake of nutrients from lush grass. It contains a higher level of minerals to accommodate lower feeding levels and alleviate stresses on high performing cows. Contains Fertility Boost and live yeast.

Nugget Mega Milk 16%

Top class summer grazing nut for high yielding dairy herds and where cows need a substantial boost to help fulfil their lactation potential. Designed to care for the health and body condition of very high yielding cows. Contains Fertility Boost and live yeast.

Nugget Hi Yield Dairy 16%

A high energy, high protein nut for constant supply of milk and has the flexibility to accommodate changes in grass growth. Designed particularly for summer feeding to supplement or replace grass if in short supply.

Nugget Elite Dairy 18%

Very high specification nut based on top quality proteins and bypass starches to support body condition, milk solids and yield in high genetic merit cows capable of delivering 1500-1800 gallons. Protected fats are also included to increase the focus on milk solids and energy intake in such high performing animals.

Nugget Hi Energy Dairy 18%

High energy nut with a good blend of rumen fermentable cereals and bypass starch to maintain both yield and milk protein in a herd with a milk yield potential of 1000-1400 gallons on grass silage based diets.

Nugget Elite Dairy 21%

Excellent quality nut designed to drive milk solids yield, fertility and health status in the very best herds of high performance cows. Contains protected fats to help increase the total ration energy density. Contains Fertility Boost technology and live yeast.

Nugget Dairy Balancer 28%

Formulated to balance the diet of milking cows when low forages such as Beat, Maize and wholecrop silages constitute approx. 25-60% of the total forage intake. Quality proteins such as soyabean are used to deliver better milk solids and minerals are formulated to balance the low mineral status of the forage.

Nugget Designed with a focus on digestible fibre to Fertility Boost.

Fertility Boost is specifically designed to:

  • Increase mineral status of the herd with Bioplex minerals copper, zinc and selenium which have shown in trials by UCD to:
  • Increase conception rate.
  • Decrease in days to first service.
  • Decrease somatic cell count by 35%.
  • Improve hoof strength resulting in less lameness.
  • Improve rumen health by containing a number of buffers which stabilise the rumen PH and combat digestive disorders caused by intensive feeding or lush spring grass.
  • Maximise rumen efficiency with live yeast, which has been proven to improve fibre digestion and increase dry matter intakes making more nutrients available for the cow to produce better milk solids.
  • Increase feed conversion efficiency resulting lower feed costs per kilo of milk solids produced and enhancing productivity from grass based systems