Cubed Beef & Calf Rations

Designed to enhance performance on Irish grass based forages

The productivity of all livestock will be limited by the nutrient in their diet that is in shortest supply. With quality energy and protein formulations to the forefront, we are delighted to offer a cubed feed range suited to enhance performance on Irish grass based forages. This range is developed by a team of qualified nutritionists at J. Grennan & Sons, who have been manufacturing animal feeds for the past 40 years. This new offering
of high quality cubed rations is made possible by the opening of their state of the art cubing facility in July 2013. The range has been designed deliver the very best liveweight gains and carcass grades. We believe that
maximising Ration Energy Density (R.E.D) and achieving high dry matter intakes are key to delivering high daily performance, good fat covers and exceptional carcass grades in beef cattle.

In order to ensure the “balance” is correct there has been a special focus on additives such as live yeast and buffers and minerals to compliment
both the quality ingredients in Nugget feed and on farm forage to ensure maximum returns from your animals.

Nugget Hi Energy Beef 16%

This is a high cereal diet which is complimented with high levels of protein to help lay down new muscle growth and grow a good size frame. Suitable for all types of growing beef cattle over 6 months such as weanlings,
yearlings or stores. This is a high energy ration, so careful management is essential. Contains live yeast.

Nugget Super Bull 14%

Super Bull is a powerful, high cereal based nut suitable for growing and finishing cattle. It has high levels of ground maize to give excellent carcase finish on bullocks, heifers and cows. The mineral profile has been specially formulated to support high levels of gain with rumen boost technology and live yeast included as standard to ensure better dry matter intakes and enhanced rumen health. This is a high energy ration, so careful management is essential.

Nugget Intensive Bull Nut

Designed to achieve maximum potential from finishing livestock under ad lib/intensive feeding regimes in the last 8 to 10 weeks pre-slaughter. This nut is particularly suited to young bulls or lean continental breeds where fat covers can be hard to achieve. With high levels of cereals particularly maize and the use of special protected fats, this not will give excellent carcase finish. This nut also contains elevated levels of vitamins B and E to help the animal’s immunity and higher levels of zinc for hoof health. Contains rumen boost technology and live yeast. As with all high feed regimes, careful management is essential.

Nugget Super Calf Grower Nut 17%

A high energy calf nut, designed to drive liveweight gain in all stock between 4 & 12 months. Ideal for strong calves & weanlings at grass or during their first winter. Contains a very high mineral & vitamin spec. Also an ideal feed to realise the high genetic potential of pedigree/show animals.

Nugget Rumen Boost-Beef

In modern day beef diets where is itcrucial to push cattle to their maximum growth potential, there is a fine line between reaching this potential and introducing digestive upsets.
Rumen boost is a unique combination of ingredients specifically designed to:
• Maximise rumen efficiency
• Increase feed conversion efficiency
• Help in the prevention of digestive disorders such as acidosis.