Cooney Furlong install Solar PV Panels

The Cooney Furlong Grain Company install Solar Photovoltaic (PV) in Wexford Town and Country Store

Leading agribusiness, The Cooney Furlong Grain Company installs innovate Solar Photovoltaic (PV) in their Town and Country Store, in Drinagh, Wexford.

The official commissioning of the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, took place Wednesday’s 21st April with both ESB Networks and Solar Electric on site.

This installation will harness solar energy and convert it into usable power for the Wexford premises, reducing reliance on the national grid and decreasing the company’s carbon footprint.

The south facing pitched roof was identified as the most suitable site for the 33.75kWp PV system which consists of 90 individual 375Wp Trina Solar Modules, connected to 2 no. SMA 3 phase, dual MPPT inverter and mounted on a German manufactured pitched roof mounting system. This was specifically designed for the proposed trapezoidal structure over the main offices of The Cooney Furlong Town and Country Store.

As part of the project, an online monitoring solution called a Sunny Portal is on display in the Town and Country store in Drinagh, this shows both production and consumption in real time, but also stores historical data for instant review or for future download.

Maeve Furlong, Purchasing Manager, The Cooney Furlong Grain Company says, ‘we are delighted to be able to support local on this project by working with Solar Electric. The installation of the Solar PV panels is one of several steps we are taking across our business group to invest in sustainable solutions.

Des Doyle, Accounts Manager, The Cooney Furlong Grain Company who was instrumental in the project roll out, commented ‘with grain assembly, drying and storage at the core of our business, the aim of this project is to improve our green rating, reduce our carbon offset but also protect against energy price increases and reduce running costs. The panels are expected to generate enough electricity affording a return on investment within 5 years.’

Tom Foley, Sales & Operations Director, Solar Electric said, ‘as a Wexford company, we’re delighted to be the chosen supplier by The Cooney Furlong Grain Company and involved in the installation of the first large Solar Photovoltaic (PV) project within the group. We produced an optimal design, to maximise the company’s electricity demands, roof space and site conditions.’

Maeve concludes, ‘it is our intention to implement this positive initiative across all our other business locations which will further decrease our reliance on traditional sources of energy. As a business we are committed to investing in sustainable and environmental solutions to meet the requirements of the government’s climate action plan and enhance the agricultural landscape in Ireland.’