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Information on the restrictions on Roundup (Glyphosate) applications to Food Grade Barley Crops

The Cooney Furlong Grain Company will be purchasing food grade barley this year with premiums paid on certain varieties this harvest.

Our purchasers need this barley to be glyphosate-free; therefore if you have potential food grade barley, we request that you do not spray a crop of spring barley with glyphosate. Our agronomists will inspect these crops before harvesting to verify crops have not been sprayed with glyphosate and we will be asking growers for confirmation of non-use at our weighbridges as a further control point for segregation of crops and varieties.

The Cooney Furlong Grain Company is committed to sourcing and supplying food grade barley to premium markets. To access these markets we need to be able to guarantee glyphosate-free barley. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard and look forward to a safe and successful harvest.

All growers of premium barley are expected to be IGAS members; if you are not registered we encourage you to do so over the next few weeks. Forms are available from our office.

Glyphosate application is still allowed to feed grade crops such as Oilseed rape, Oats and Wheat if weed control is required. If this happens, remember to clean combines and trailers appropriately to avoid cross-contamination of feed grade barley crops and food grade crops.

Ensure header, stone trap, sieves, elevator boots, and grain tank are cleaned of feed grade crops prior to harvesting food grade crops.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact your account manager.


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