Beef Feeding Focus – Top Tips to remember this winter

Getting the most efficient beef feeding regime to suit your farm…
tractor spreading agri lime

Calcium Agri Lime – The Backbone of Soil Fertility

The lime kilns dotted through the countryside are a testament…
tractor mowing grass silage

Maximising Grass and Silage Growth

Over the past number of weeks, we have experienced very little…

COVID-19 Customer Update

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we have put measures in place to provide farmers and local communities with quality products and services.
Fodder/sugar beet crop planted in a field

Fodder and Sugar Beet Nutrient Considerations

Beet is one of the most cheapest energy sources, however like any crop, it requires heat, light, water and air in adequate amounts.
Dairy cows grazing a field of grass

Preventing Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) in dairy cows

Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) is a commonly seen metabolic disease in freshly calved dairy cows at grass in springtime.

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