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Winter crop technical update

Author: George Blackburn    As we move into the second half of February and look towards the beginning of March, our attention must first focus on the winter crops in the ground from autumn 2021. Key management decisions regarding fertiliser and growth regulation in the early stages of spring can have a major bearing on […]

Herbicide resistance in tillage farming

Author: Jimmy Staples   Over the last decade, it has become increasingly difficult to manage some of the pests that we were previously able to control comfortably with plant protection products. This can be attributed to: The loss of key active ingredients due to de-registration A lack of new active ingredients coming onto the market […]

Promoting early calf husbandry

Author: John Bass    Calf husbandry and nutrition are very topical at this time of year with many dairy and beef farmers rearing calves by hand on whole milk or milk replacer. Getting calves off to a good start is critical for their development, their feed conversion efficiency and also their subsequent production. Getting dairy […]

NEW – Terra Range brochure available to download

Target Fertilisers are committed to the future of agriculture in Ireland through fertiliser and sustainable fertiliser usage. They are constantly looking at methods of maximising production through environmentally friendly and efficient uses of fertiliser. As a result, they have joined forces with Brandon Biosciences to develop a new range of sustainable fertiliser products, the Terra […]

Dosing Advice: Combating Lungworm In Your Herd

Author: James O’Neill    Lungworm infections in your herd can cause a severe and often fatal disease that is commonly called hoose. A lungworm infestation is caused by exposure of grazing animals to lungworm larvae on a pasture. The lifecycle of the lungworm is about four weeks long i.e., from the ingestion of larvae to […]

Mineral Supplementation Guide

Author: John Bass    The time of year has come once again to start planning for the coming winter, and with that, decisions need to be made on winter diets and mineral supplementation. The best way to start is by undertaking a nutrient and mineral analysis on silage in order to make a plan on […]

Winter Feeding 2021

Author: Jack Scallan     Early silage analysis results indicate that silage is not of the usual high quality this year. This is not surprising as grass growth and quality were poor during the spring and summer periods. Poor growth rates, low protein levels and variable energy levels in grass lead to very low milk urea […]

Achieving Effective Grass Weed Control

Author: Jimmy Staples    Harvest 2021 will be remembered for several reasons; good weather, excellent yields and high prices. With sowing of autumn crops almost wrapped up, farmers would be forgiven for forgetting about the difficulties that they faced in the spring of this year. Weed control was particularly challenging last season as a poor […]

Winter Crop Update

Author: George Blackburn    As October draws to a close, we find ourselves in a far better position from twelve months ago. This time last year the weather was a battle to say the least and the autumn drilling season proved very difficult. We also must take stock on the year that was and 2021 […]