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Winter Crop – Technical update spring 2021

Author: George Blackburn – Sales Manager  Key management decisions regarding fertiliser and growth regulation in the early stages of the spring can have a major bearing on a crops final yield potential, especially winter barley. There is a marked increase in the overall acreage of winter cereals as sowing conditions were good in the early […]

Give your calves the best possible start

Author: John Bass – Business Development Manager  Getting your calves off to the best possible start will have a huge impact on its growth, health, and longevity within the herd. The ultimate goal of calf rearing is to set up a heifer to achieve target weights such as doubling her birth weight at the point […]

Winter Crops Update

Author: George Blackburn   Conditions since the first week of October have been difficult to say the least, with heavy rainfall and very tight weather windows providing limited opportunities for sowing. The dry spell we were promised never really materialised but tillage farmers are a resilient bunch and in spite of the circumstances, a significant […]

Best practices when drying off cows

Author: Jack Scallan    The time for drying off cows is fast approaching. Over the next few weeks, a number of issues must be looked at.   The length of the dry period for the herd in general and individual cows. First lactation cows and thin cows should be given 10 to 12 weeks dry, […]

Maximising Grass and Silage Growth

Over the past number of weeks, we have experienced very little grass growth due to a 75mm soil moisture deficit. Growth rates in this area dropped to around 30kg DM/ha which led to a lot of animals receiving a buffer feed. Luckily, we have got a welcome dash of rain over the past few days […]